YG Drilling Rigs for Sale

The drilling rig is a kind of machinery that is widely used in drilling boreholes and rocks. It provides great convenience for geological exploration, engineering construction, water well drilling, and road and bridge foundation construction. According to drilling depth, opening hole diameter, and applying site, YG supplies many different types of drilling rigs, such as water well drilling rigs, DTH drilling rigs, mining drilling machines, core drill rigs, piling rigs, exploration drilling rigs, and crawler drilling rigs, etc. Here please keep in mind that after browsing listings, if there is no drilling rig you are looking for, please email us because the listing is constantly changing.

Water Well Drilling Rigs for Sale

A water well drilling rig is most used in the drilling of soil and soft rocks. The water well drilling machine becomes a hot seller in YG Machinery Co., Ltd thanks to its fast drilling speed, ease of moving around, and cost-effectiveness. There are mainly six types of water well drilling rigs for you to pick up: portable water well drilling rigs, small water well drilling machines, tractor-mounted water well drilling rigs, hydraulic water well drilling rigs, shallow water well drilling equipment, and deepwater drilling rigs. You can choose the one according to your requirements, and get a price quickly by sending an inquiry.

  • Small and Portable Water Well Drilling Rigs for Sale
    Small and Portable Water Well Drilling Rigs for Sale

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Mining Drilling Machine for Sale

The mining drilling machine is another hot-sell drilling rig in YG Machinery because it can be widely used in water well drilling, geophysical exploration, road and building exploration, blasting holes, and other drilling projects. The drilling depth of the mining drilling machine ranges from 130m to 3000m, so you can just click on the picture to get details and prices.

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Exploration Drill Rigs for Sale

Exploration drill rigs are also called backpack drilling rigs and core sample drilling equipment which are suitable for drilling in plains, mountainous areas, and inconvenient areas of transportation and energy. Exploration drill rigs have the advantages of compact structure, small footprint, lightweight, and easy moving. You can buy this drilling rig for railway and conservancy construction, engineering construction, outdoor geological sample, and exploration of mountainous areas. And you can also use this machine in geological core drilling, small grouting holes, and blasting holes. We can suggest you drill such as diamonds, composite sheets, and alloys according to your requirements.

DTH Drilling Rigs for Sale

DTH drilling rigs are a new type of energy-saving and high-efficiency rock drilling equipment that can be widely applied to large-diameter blast hole rock drilling operations in medium and small-scale mines and road construction, national defense, water conservancy, and stonework. It is also the pre-exploitation of open-pit mines, especially suitable for the bumpy terrain of other drill trucks that cannot work properly. DTH drilling machine is compact in structure, convenient in operation, fast in chiseling speed, high in efficiency, good in detach-ability of the whole machine, and extremely convenient to move around. You can find two types of DTH drilling rigs in YG Machinery: portable DTH drilling rigs and tractor-mounted DTH drilling machines.

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Truck Mounted Drilling Rig for Sale

A truck-mounted drilling rig is a kind of hydraulic vertical shaft rotary drilling rig which has a compact design and is very simple to operation. You can use it in geological exploration, road, and high-building foundation exploration, as well as various concrete structure inspection holes, river dams, roadbed grouting holes and direct grouting, civil water wells, and ground temperature central air conditioning.

  • Truck Mounted Drilling Rig for Sale
    Truck Mounted Drilling Rig for Sale

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Core Drilling Machine for Sale

The core drilling machine in Yugong is a kind of drilling rig which mainly used for drilling holes in reinforced concrete, granite, stone, and wall. It features in high-efficiency, smooth hole-wall, and accurate drilling. Core drilling equipment is widely used in building construction and airport runway construction. The core drilling machine strictly conforms to the national standard. So you can buy without quality worries. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us.

Crawler Drilling Rigs for Sale

Crawler drilling rigs are characteristic of large climbing ability, strong adaptability to the rough and uneven road surfaces, and good stability of rock drilling operation. This drilling rig can drill blast holes, pre-cracks, anchor bot holes, grouting holes, and exploration holes with different opening diameters, different drilling depths, multiple directions, and various angles.

Drilling Rig Bits for Sale

Drilling bits are also available to you here. Even though the drilling rig is not bought from us, we can still meet your requirements. The drilling bits differ in functions, that is, the application site. There are drilling rig bits for oil drilling and drilling rig bits for hard rock. So please tell us your requirements if you want the drilling rig bits.

  • Factory of Henan YG Machinery
    Factory of Henan YG Machinery

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Drilling Rig Manufacturers – YG Machinery

If you are still looking for drilling rig manufacturers, please consider Yugong. We have exported our drilling rigs to many countries around the world, such as America, Honduras, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Domini, Ghana, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Norway, Australia, the Philippines, Lizhi, Ethiopia, Mexico, Qatar, etc. Honestly, our customers all feel good about the drilling rig they bought from us. Actually, if you are from any of the countries above and want to buy the machine, you can come and see our machine to our former customers. We also have customers who use our drilling rig for more than 10 years. So please rest assured to buy our drilling rigs.

Henan YG Machinery Co., Ltd, a professional and reputable small construction and drilling rig manufacturer in China, specializes in the manufacturing of machinery. Yugong always puts customers first, and with the support of advanced skills, we win the trust of our customers. We develop from a company with six people into a company with almost 200 people thanks to the trust of our customers and improvements in our skills. The factory staff dedicates themselves to ensuring the quality of the machine, and staff in the office try to provide you with detailed information and services. We have a complete after-sales service system so that you can rest assured to buy the drilling rig. We will always seek breakthroughs in skills and partners, and really hope you are the next one who joins us and create success with us!

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Top Features of YG Drilling Rigs

  1. Drill fast and cost-effective.
  2. Automatic oil supply mechanism and ball clamping mechanism.
  3. Unique design and easy operation.
  4. Suitable for hard rock and soft soil.
  5. Different types and wide applications.
  6. The long service life of over 10 years.

Drilling Rig Components and System

Concerning drilling rig components, different drilling rigs are equipped with different components. And when choosing a drilling rig, you should know clearly the drilling purpose, drilling depth, drilling structure, terrain transportation, etc. The main components of a drilling rig are the main engine (diesel engine or motor), mud pump, drill tower, drill shaft, drill bits, and other accessories.

Drilling Rigs for Sale Prices

The price of the drilling rig is set according to the function, drilling depth, and opening hole diameter. So if you want a price, please kindly tell us your application site, drilling depth, and opening hole diameter so that our sales manager can send you an exact price. And we can also suggest you suitable drilling rig in accordance with your cost. Please rest assured of the price of our drilling rig because we have our own professional production base which means there is no third party between us. Therefore, if you want to buy a drilling rig, please come to us, and we will provide you with a reasonable drilling rig price with quality surpassing your expectations.

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What Do You Know About Drilling Rig Operation?

Drilling rigs like truck-mounted drilling rigs, crawler drilling rigs, mining drilling machines, and exploration drilling rigs are big in size and may complicate in components. But their operation is not complicated at all. After the purchase of the drilling rig, our technicians will tell you how to operate the drilling rig and what you should keep in mind when operating the drilling rig. It’s good if you have your own experienced operator, but it’s OK if you don’t have one. We will make sure you and your workers operate the drilling rig smoothly. And you can come to us for technical help at any time you need it even if the one-year warranty is over.

What Should You Know When Choosing A Drilling Rig?

Firstly, you should know clearly what will you use for this drilling rig equipment, that is, the application. Do you want to use this drilling rig to drill a water well, or get samples underground? Do you want to use the drilling rig to drill soil or hard rock or both?

Secondly, you should know the drilling depth because different drilling rigs differ in drilling depths. You have to investigate before the purchase of the drilling rig. For example, if you want to buy a drilling rig to drill a water well of 50 meters, then it is no need for you to buy an exploration drilling rig. It’s a waste of money and drilling rig equipment.

Thirdly, you should also tell the sales manager the opening hole diameter so that the drilling bits and drilling shaft meet your requirements.

So please know clearly the application, drilling depth, and opening hole diameter if you really want to buy the drilling rig equipment. And there will be one drilling rig for sale in YG that can meet your requirements.

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