Rock Drilling Machine

The rock drilling machine for sale in Henan YG Machinery Co., Ltd is a kind of high-efficiency rock drilling equipment, that can be widely used in rock tunneling and drilling blast holes in various rock operations and is an important rock drilling tool in the construction of mines, railways, transportation, and water conservancy works. According to its power, rock drilling machines can be divided into pneumatic rock drilling machines, air rock drilling, electric rock drilling machines, and gasoline rock drilling machines. Different models have their unique advantages, you can choose the suitable model according to your requirements. Would like to get more details and quotations? Feel free to contact us now.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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The Working Principle of Rock Drilling Equipment

The rock drilling equipment works according to the principle of impact crushing. When it works, the piston makes a high-frequency reciprocating motion and continuously impacts the bit tail. Under the action of the impact force, the wedge-shaped drill head crushes the rock and chisels it into a certain depth to form a dent. After the piston retreats, the brazing rod turns to a certain angle, the piston moves forward, and a new dent is formed when the hammer tail is impacted again. The fan-shaped rock between the two dimples is shredded by the horizontal component generated by the bit. The piston impacts the shank continuously and inputs compressed air or pressurized water from the center hole of the drill to discharge the slag out of the hole, which forms a circular drilling hole of a certain depth.

How To Operate The Rock Drilling Machine

  1. Before putting the equipment into use, check the integrity and rotation of each component, and add the necessary lubricating oil. Check whether the airway and the waterway are unlocked and whether the joint is firm.
  2. Check if there is a live stone or pine stone near the working face, and make the necessary treatment.
  3. The perforation position with the smooth working face should be tamped first to prevent slipping or displacement of the perforation.
  4. Please open the water first and then open the wind. And when turn off the machine, please turn off the wind first, then the water. In the beginning, please run the machine at a low speed. After drilling to a certain depth, drill at full speed.
  5. Workers who hole the drill rod are not allowed to wear gloves.
  6. When using air leg drilling, please pay attention to the standing posture and position. Don’t stand under the drill rod in front of the drilling machine to keep safety.
  7. If an abnormal sound is found in the rock drilling, or the powder discharge water is not normal, please stop the machine immediately and check it to find out the cause.
  8. When exiting the rock drill or replacing the drill rod, please make the rock drilling machine at a slow speed and pay attention to the position of the rock drill to avoid the automatic fall of the drill rod and injuring people. Also, close the circuit in time.
  9. When using a pneumatic rock drilling machine, the top should be firmly secured to prevent the top from slipping and hurting people.
  10. When using the shrinking support of an upward-type rock drilling machine, the drill rod must be held to prevent it from falling automatically.

Rock Drilling Machine Manufacturers – YG Machinery

Henan YG Machinery is a reliable and professional rock drilling equipment manufacturer that integrates production, research, and sales. With a strong technical force, advanced production technology, scientific testing methods, and standardized management procedures, our company has achieved spanning development in the fierce market competition. We have won the trust and praise for the dedicated service to every customer. The machinery produced by our company is sold well all over our country, as well some other countries and regions all over the world, such as South Africa, Pakistan, Phillippines, Indonesia, Uganda, Kenya, etc… We always take “good quality, excellent price, timely service” as our enterprise goal. We adhere to providing each of our customers with high-quality products at a reasonable price. If you would like to purchaserock drilling machine, don’t hesitate to send us an inquiry, and we will reply to you very quickly. You are looking for some other kinds of drilling machines, such as water well drilling rigs, DTH boring machines, core drilling equipment, blast hole drilling rigs, excavator drill and splitting machines, and so on. You can go to the corresponding product page to choose the right model. Then you can get our quotation in 24 hours.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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