Anchor Drill Machine

Anchor Drill Rig
Anchor Drill Rig

Anchor Drill Rig Machine
Anchor Drill Rig Machine

Anchor drill machine is mainly used in landslides and dangerous rock mass anchoring projects in various geological disaster prevention and control of hydropower stations, railways, and highway slopes, especially suitable for high slope rock mass anchoring engineering, and also suitable for deep foundation pit support and anti-floating in construction cities. Bolt and foundation grouting reinforcement hole, blasting hole of blasting project, high-pressure jet grouting pile, tunnel pipe support hole, etc., the powerhead is slightly changed, and it can be conveniently constructed in all directions. At the same time, we also have rotary drilling rigs, horizontal directional drilling rigs, small water well drilling rigs, backpack core drill machines, DTH drilling rigs, rock drilling rigs, pile drivers, diamond core drills, trailer water well drilling rigs, etc. Contact us now!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Skype/Phone】+86 136 1385 6800

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Anchor Drill Machine

Anchor Drill Machine
Anchor Drill Rig Machine
Anchor Drill Rig
Detail of Anchor Drill Machine
Working of Anchor Drill Machine
Anchor Drill Machine Anchor Drill Rig Machine Anchor Drill Rig Detail of Anchor Drill Machine Working of Anchor Drill Machine

Anchor Drilling Rigs Parameter:

Model YG-MDL80 YG-MDL150 YG-MDL200
Hole diameter(mm) 100-210 150-250 150-250
Hole depth(m) 60-100 130-170 180-220
Rod diameter(mm) 73/89/102/114 73/89/102/114 73/89/102/114
Hole angle(°) -10-90 0-90 0-90
Output rotary speed(r/min) 16-105 10-170 40-170
Powerhead output torque(N.m) 4200 7500 11000
Stroke of slide frame(mm) 1800 3400 3400
Lifting force of powerhead(KN) 65 70 80
Feeding force of powerhead(KN) 33 36 40
Moving speed(km/h) 15 20 22
Input power(kW) 39 96 96
Dimension(mm) 3000×1800×1500 5400×2100×2000 6200×2100×2000
Weight(kg) 3200 6500 9200

9 Features and Method of Use:

  1. The speed of this rig can reach 170 circles per minute.
  2. Tracked drilling rigs are energy efficient. Improve efficiency without increasing power.
  3. With the increase in speed, the maximum speed can reach 7500NM.
  4. Adopting a new hydraulic system, the structure is simple, the layout is more reasonable, and the operation is more humanized.
  5. The tunneling speed is fast, adapting to the doping process of rock and soil, and it has a strong impact on the hard rock in the soil layer when drilling the slope. The drill bit produced by YG Machinery can realize rapid advancement.
  6. Reasonable hydraulic frame platform to reduce redundancy and improve overall coordination of equipment.
  7. Multi-arm pitch adjustment, perfect for slope protection, and foundation pit support, in line with the industry-specific design.
  8. Fuel-saving and durable, the use of large hydraulic tanks, reasonable distribution of the flow direction of the hydraulic pipe, reducing fuel consumption.
  9. Electric drive, low noise, suitable for urban construction deep pit support, and slope stabilization of subway and airport.

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Anchor Drill Machine
Anchor Drill Machine

Detail of Anchor Drill Machine
Detail of Anchor Drill Machine

Anchor Drill Machine Usage:

Urban deep foundation pit support, anti-floating anchor and foundation grouting reinforcement hole, blasting hole of blasting project, high-pressure jet grouting pile, tunnel pipe shed support hole, etc.

The design and development of anchor drilling rigs involve a high degree of demand in a variety of industry sectors, from field investigations and in-depth research, combined with modern new hydraulic principles, to create intelligent mechanized production equipment. We listened to the suggestions and expectations of the first-line workers on the construction site for drilling and drilling operations, to save manpower, design principles with small cost and high efficiency, use crawler hydraulics as the operating platform of the fuselage, use advanced hydraulic walking technology. Under the principle of controlling costs, the structural design of the drilling rig is enhanced to achieve a reasonable, perfect, and stable purpose.

Safety Engineering Procedures for Anchoring Engineering Drilling Rigs:

  1. Wear a safety helmet, lighting, and no alcohol before going to work.
  2. It is necessary to work for two or more people, and it is not allowed to work alone.
  3. Enter the work surface, first check the safety of the work surface, first discharge the top of the work surface, help the pumice, and the umbrella on the slope, and keep the ventilation in the operation. The work site must be well-lit and the work lights should be illuminated with 36 volts.
  4. The work site should be kept flat and it is strictly forbidden to stack obstacles.
  5. Before work, it is necessary to check whether the equipment is placed stably and firmly, whether the screws of each part are well fastened, whether the lubrication parts are normal, and whether the drilling can be started according to the procedure.
  6. When lifting or dismounting the rig with the lifting tool, it must be carried out with a qualified wire rope button and under the command of a special person. The lifting bracket must be fixed firmly. When lifting the object, the personnel are not allowed to stay under the lifting object or in the offset direction to prevent danger.
  7. When two people carry the parts of the rig, they must have a good relationship with each other to prevent hand or lame.
  8. During the operation of the drilling rig, it is strictly forbidden to touch the anchor or the running part with your hands or gloves to prevent racking.
  9. When transporting the rig with the vehicle, the rig must be firmly fixed to the vehicle with the rope. When the vehicle is reversed, no one is allowed to stay on both sides or behind the vehicle to prevent crushing.
  10. When blasting, you should hide in a safe place to avoid the gun. When the gun is fired inside, it should be evacuated to the outside of the cannon or to the safe place designed by the commander to avoid the gun.
  11. It is necessary to drill at the designed workplace, and it is not allowed to go to other positions to prevent danger.

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YG Anchor Drill Machine Manufacturer
YG Anchor Drill Machine Manufacturer

Working of Anchor Drill Machine
Working of Anchor Drill Machine

Anchor Drill Machine Manufacturer – YG Machinery:

As a professional manufacturer of various types of machinery, the production of a drill machine is our main business, including small water well-drilling rigs, core drilling rigs, DTH drilling rigs, backpack core drill machines, hydraulic water well drilling rigs, rotary drilling rigs, horizontal drilling rigs, diamond core drill machines, trailer mounted water well drilling rigs, etc…  If you would like to purchase an anchor drill machine you can send us an email from this page for a quotation now. And if you are interested in other kinds of machinery in our company, you can visit the appropriate page to check more or contact us directly. We will reply to you in 24 hours.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Skype/Phone】+86 136 1385 6800

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