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Air Pick
Air Pick

YG Air Pick for Sale
YG Air Pick for Sale

The air pick is a hand-held construction machine that uses compressed air as its power and used the impact to break hard objects. It is a handheld device, that can be called a mini rock drilling machine, so it is required to be compact and portable.

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Product Parameter:

Model  YG-10/20
Body length 510mm
Tracheal diameter 19mm
Hammer diameter 48mm
working pressure 0.63Mpa
Impact energy ≥60J
Impact frequency 15Hz
Air consumption 23L/s
Hammer 165mm

Working Principle:

The hand-held pneumatic tool uses compressed air to push the piston back and forth, causing the pickaxe to hit continuously. Used in mining, road construction, etc.

The pneumatic pick consists of a gas distribution mechanism, an impact mechanism, and a pick drill. The impact mechanism is a thick-walled cylinder with an impact hammer that can reciprocate along the inner wall of the cylinder. The tail of the pick is inserted into the front end of the cylinder, and the rear end of the cylinder is equipped with a valve box.

There are many longitudinal air holes around the cylinder wall. The spring of the plunger valve is compressed to connect the air circuit. One end of these air holes wildly presses the valve, and pushes the handle sleeve, and the other end passes into the cylinder. The length of each air hole is according to the impact of the hammer. The movement requires configuration so as to take turns to intake or exhaust. The plunger valve is in a normally closed state which cuts off the air path under the action of the coil spring so that the impact hammer can reciprocate regularly in the cylinder.

When the impact hammer moves forward, the hammer hits the tail; when the impact hammer moves backward, the gas in the cylinder is enclosed in the valve box, forming a flexible cushion layer, and the gas in the cylinder is enclosed in the valve box. Wait for re-airing before striking forward. The hammer hits the tail; when the impact hammer moves backward, the starting device of the pneumatic pick is located in the sleeve of the handle. There is a plunger valve between the air inlet pipe and the air distribution valve to control the gas path. The plunger valve is in a normally closed state that cuts off the gas path under the action of the coil spring.

During the pick-up operation, the pick-up drill is pressed against the construction surface, the other end is connected to the cylinder, the handle sleeve is pushed, and the spring of the plunger valve is compressed to connect the air path. Then the air is automatically distributed, and the rear end of the cylinder is equipped with a gas distribution valve box. The impact hammer is continuously reciprocated to hit the tail and break the construction body. An air pick is a hand-held machine. The air pick is composed of a gas distribution mechanism, an impact mechanism, and a pick drill. Therefore, it is required to be compact and portable.

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Hand Air Pick for Sale
Hand Air Pick for Sale

Air Pick Jack Hammer
Air Pick Jack Hammer

Maintenance and Overhaul:


  1. Before using the air pick, lubricate the air pick.
  2. When using the pickaxe, there are no less than three spare pickaxes, and the continuous working time of each pickaxe must not exceed 2.5h.
  3. Hold the pick handle and press it in the direction of the chisel during operation, so that the pick is firmly against the sleeve.
  4. The inside of the pipe should be clean, clean, and the joints of the trachea should be firm and reliable.
  5. During operation, do not insert all the picks into broken objects to prevent airstrikes.
  6. When the pick is stuck in the titanium cymbal, do not shake the pick vigorously to avoid damage to the body.
  7. During operation, choose a pick drill reasonably. Depending on the hardness of the titanium pick, choose a different pick drill. The harder the titanium pick, the shorter the pick drill, and pay attention to checking the heating of the drill tail to prevent the pick drill from getting stuck.
  8. When picking the burr, you must handle it in time. Do not use the burr.
  9. Airstrikes are strictly prohibited.

Routine Maintenance:

  1. The normal working pressure of the gas pick is 0.5Mpa. During normal work, add lubricating oil every 2 hours. When filling the oil, first remove the air pipe connector, place the gas pick at an angle, press the handle of the pick, and inject it from the joint pipe.
  2. During the use of the gas pick, disassemble it at least twice a week, wash it with clean kerosene, blow dry it, apply lubricating oil, and then assemble it. When the parts are found to be worn or malfunctioning, they should be replaced in time.
  3. When the cumulative use time of the gas pick reaches more than 8h, the gas pick must be cleaned.
  4. When the pickaxe is idle for more than a week, it should be oiled and maintained.
  5. Polish the hair pick in time.

Machine Overhaul:

  1. Take out no less than 3 spare pickaxes and no more than 3 pickaxes to be repaired.
  2. The time for the pick-up and pick-up shall not exceed 2 days.
  3. The grinding interval of the picks during use should not exceed 15 days.
  4. When the air pick is scrapped, the average life is not less than 100t sponge titanium.
  5. Broken pickaxe, the tail section of the drill should be recycled and polished in time.
  6. The scrapped pickaxes that cannot be used must be recycled, and the scrapped pickaxes should be put together.

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Handheld Pick Jack
Handheld Pick Jack

Handheld Pick Jack Hammer
Handheld Pick Jack Hammer

Pick Jack Hammer Operating Procedures:

Precautions Before Work:

  1. Check the safety status of the working surface to make sure that it is helpful.
  2. Check the air volume and blow off the dirt in the rubber duct.
  3. Check whether the air filter of the hose joint and the fixed steel sleeve of the head of the pickaxe are clean.
  4. Check whether the tail end of the pick and the steel sleeve is skewed and whether the clearance is appropriate.
  5. First, wipe the tail of the pickaxe clean, then insert it into the pickaxe and fix it with a spring.

Attention During Work:

  1. When the pickaxe continues to be used, it is necessary to refuel at any time. When refueling, it will be poured into the plastic pipe, and the pickaxe will fall down or be compressed to impact the pickaxe and hurt people.
  2. Attention should be paid to the air pipe joints and connecting pipes to loosen and fall off at any time, and they should be tightened in time. High-voltage straight-through must be clamped with U-shaped clamps, and iron wires cannot be used instead of U-shaped clamps.
  3. Keep the air duct intact, do not make the air duct curl, the vermiculite and other objects damaged, and cause air leakage.
  4. Avoid picking up the pickaxe by the rock. When inserting the pickaxe into the depth of the rock formation, it must be under the pickaxe’s spring to prevent the pickaxe from being used to hit the rock.
  5. When the pickaxe fails, it should be sent to the machine repair room for replacement or repair in time, and it should not be arbitrarily opened and disbanded at the worksite.

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