Diamond Core Drill Machine for Sale in Brunei

Diamond Core Cutting Machine for Sale
Diamond Core Cutting Machine for Sale

On the morning of August 30, 2019, our website staff received an inquiry about a diamond core drill machine from a Brunei customer, and our customers clearly knew his needs and accessories. Our sales staff then recommend a machine that met the customer’s requirements and also sent our catalog and parameter tables. Customers are very satisfied with our products and trust us. Henan YG (Yugong) Machinery is committed to the best quality, the best price, and the most professional sales staff to serve our customers, please believe in our machinery. Below I will attach the parameters of the machine for reference.

The diamond core drill machine is mainly used for pressure-resistance and flexural tests of cement concrete, asphalt concrete, and limestone foundation cores such as highways, airports, ports, docks, and dams. The concrete core drill machine adopts one machine multi-purpose (optional), which can drill core, core sample, and core sample smoothing, greatly improve work efficiency, and reduce equipment investment. It is an ideal engineering testing equipment.【Whatsapp/Wechat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Diamond Core Drill Machine Parameters:

Model YG-180Q
Depth 1m
Diameter 180mm
Power 9.6kw
Speed 1100rpm
Dimension 1060*870*1400mm
Weight 120kg


  1. Install a hollow drill bit of the appropriate diameter.
  2. Move the drill hole to the required workplace, fix the drill hole with the expansion screw, adjust the anchor screw to make the drill stable, or have a heavy enough bottom plate to fix the drill core machine to prevent the machine from moving when drilling the core.
  3. Connect the water source and check if the water is flowing out.
  4. Start the generator and turn on the circuit switch.
  5. Rotate the handle to gently touch the drill bit. When the drill bit is cut into about 10mm, the handle can be pressurized to speed up the precession.
  6. After the cutting is completed, the rotation can be kept and the drill bit can be lifted. When the surface of the test piece is about 5mm, the power can be turned off, the drill bit leaves the surface of the test piece, and the water source is turned off.
  7. Remove the fixing bolts, disengage the core machine, and take out the sample with a clamp.
  8. When using, prevent the drill bit from hitting hard objects to avoid damage to the drill bit.
YG Diamond Core Drilling Bits for Sale
YG Diamond Core Drilling Bits for Sale

Diamond Core Drilling Bits in YG
Diamond Core Drilling Bits in YG

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Diamond Core Drill Precautions:

  1. When the concrete core drilling machine is drilling, ensure that the feed speed is uniform, about 3~5cm/min. If the drill bit is found to be stuck, the feed speed can be reduced appropriately. If necessary, the drill bit can be lifted for a while. Then slowly drill in, avoid hard drilling, so as not to damage the drill bit and the machine.
  2. Full water cooling must be maintained throughout the drilling process.
  3. During the drilling process, it should not be overloaded. When the motor temperature exceeds 70°C, (the hand feels hot), the loading force should be reduced, and the new drill bit should be replaced.
  4. At the end of the drilling, the machine can only be stopped when the drill is released from the workpiece.

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