Hydraulic Mountain Drilling Rig

YG Hydraulic Mountain Drilling Machine
YG Hydraulic Mountain Drilling Machine

The hydraulic mountain drilling rig is a newly developed and produced drilling equipment for mountain seismic exploration and oil and gas resource exploration. It can be widely used in rugged mountainous areas where the vehicle rig cannot operate. High drilling efficiency, which reduces operating costs. The structure is simple and easy to disassemble and maintain. The operation is more humane. The overall weight is light and is a split structure, easy to move and transport. In YG Machinery, there are trailer-mounted drilling rigs, anchor drill machines, pile drivers, small water well drilling rigs, hydraulic water well drilling rigs, DTH drilling rigs, backpack core drill machines, rock drill machines, rotary drilling rigs, horizontal directional drilling rigs. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.【Whatsapp/Wechat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Hydraulic Mountain Drilling Rig
Hydraulic Mountain Drilling Rig

Parameter of Hydraulic Mountain Drilling Rig:

Drilling machine

Drilling method air shock drilling
Drilling diameter 75-90mm
Drilling depth 0-30m
Drilling rod 60mm*1500mm
Stroke 1.85m

Hydraulic pump station

Gasoline engine power 35P
Rated pressure 30Mpa
Rated flow rate 40L/min


Output torque 1000-1200
Output speed 0-130r/min

Pressurized lifting system

Rated pressure 6000-7000
Rated lifting power 12-16Mpa
Speed of lifting 20m/min

Screw compressor

Gasoline engine power 35P
Exhaust volume 3.2m3/min
Exhaust pressure 0.8Mpa

Working Principle of Hydraulic Mountain Drilling Rig:

The rig converts the mechanical energy of the engine into hydraulic energy through a hydraulic variable oil pump and transmits it to two quantitative hydraulic motors through the pipeline, thereby achieving the rotation, pressurization, and lifting of the drill.

  1. Reversing valve.

The handle of the reversing valve can be positioned at any position for easy operation. Control the rotational speed of the powerhead to adjust to different formations and working conditions by adjusting the position of the handle.

When the reversing valve handle is in the neutral position, neither motor works. When in the working position, the oil is supplied in the positive and negative directions respectively, and the forward and reverse of the powerhead and the lifting and lowering of the drill are realized.

The lifting speed and rotation speed of the drilling tool can be controlled so that the lifting and lowering of the drilling tool are stable and the impact force is small.

  1. Oil pump tank assembly.

The oil pump, fuel tank, and manual reversing valve form a unit, which simplifies the connection of the pipeline and makes the structure of the drilling rig more compact. The oil pump power transmission adopts an unloading mode to improve the pump shaft pressure.

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Detailed of Hydraulic Mountain Drilling Rig
Detailed of Hydraulic Mountain Drilling Rig

The Air Compressor Features:

  1. The air compressor is stable and efficient, light and durable, and easy to handle.
  2. Portable and light: the self-weight is 96kg, which can be transferred by two people.
  3. Stable and efficient: low product failure rate, good quality, can completely replace the traditional piston air compressor, is a new product on the market, leading the industry trend of the industry target segment.
  4. Low noise mute: smooth operation, low noise, significantly improved the human-machine effect, so that the working environment has been significantly improved.
  5. Durable: the product design has a long service life, reaching more than 100,000 hours so the product cost performance is significantly improved.

 Difference Between the Old Generation Machine:

  1. The V-type interface of the drill is changed from the filament buckle connection to the thick flat wire connection, which not only improves the connection speed but also strengthens the connection strength, greatly reducing the chance of air leakage and de-bar.
  2. The rig mainframe is equipped with two-column supports below, which can greatly improve the strength of the rig body when lifting the drilling tool, and ensure that the rig is not deformed and does not fall down.
  3. The fuel tank is changed to a Fort-type fuel tank, which reduces the weld seam, improves the overall structural strength of the fuel tank, and reduces the chance of oil leakage.
  4. The rig’s diagonal pull support is changed to the positive and negative wire, which is more convenient to adjust and stabilize.
  5. The operating system tubing can be extended to 3 meters according to customer needs on the original basis, enabling operators to carry out field operations in a safer and more environmentally friendly environment.
  6. The main column of the drilling rig is 60*60 mm, which greatly enhances the structural strength of the mainframe.
  7. The use of new drilling tools and drill bits greatly improves drilling efficiency and progress, so that more holes can be drilled per unit time, significantly increasing the economic benefits of the construction site.
  8. Weld the ribs at key parts of the machine to increase the rigidity of the machine and extend the service life of the machine.
  9. The hydraulic system pumping flow and pressure have been significantly improved, greatly improving the drilling machine speed and torque, so that the perforation speed per unit time is faster.

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Using the Hydraulic Mountain Drilling Rig:

  1. Confirm that the engine filter is clean and unobstructed before drilling.
  2. Check the height of each oil level as required and ensure that it is within the normal range.
  3. Do not mix different grades of engine oil and hydraulic oil.
  4. After the pressure of each safety valve of the hydraulic system is adjusted, it shall not be adjusted at will.
  5. The hydraulic oil of the specified grade must be added to the hydraulic oil tank, and the liquid level of the hydraulic oil tank should be observed frequently. When refueling, it should be filtered by the filter with 10μm filtration precision. The oil filter and air filter should be cleaned regularly and dried. Then put it in the fuel tank.
  6. Do not loosen any joints and parts when there is pressure in the system.
  7. The hydraulic oil pump must be started at idle engine speed.
  8. When starting in winter, the hydraulic oil pump should be turned by land for a few laps and then started at low speed.
  9. Before the rig is disassembled, the quick joints of the same frame with the same specifications should be inserted into each other to prevent dirt from entering the hydraulic system and damaging the hydraulic components.
  10. Before starting the machine, carefully check whether the pipeline joint is firmly connected, whether the quick joint installation is in place, and whether the pipeline connection is correct.
  11. There must be no parts close to the heat source or moving parts.
  12. Do not lubricate or repair while the rig is running.
  13. Lubricate and repair the rig using the specified lubricants, greases, and in accordance with the prescribed methods.
  14. When using the air vibrating drilling method, the threaded part of the drill pipe should be lubricated with lead oil, and grease lubrication is not allowed.
  15. Always check the solid condition of the structural components of the drilling rig and whether the rotating parts are working properly.
  16. When the drill pipe is placed in the order, care should be taken to avoid the male thread first landing to ensure that the thread is intact and the drill pipe must not be bent.
  17. Clean or replace the oil filter, air filter, and fuel filter in strict accordance with the air compressor and engine operating procedures.
  18. Strictly replace the oil according to the provisions of the air compressor and engine operating procedures.

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