Rotary Rig

New Type Rotary Drilling Rig
New Type Rotary Drilling Rig

Rotary Rig Manufacturer
Rotary Rig Manufacturer

A rotary rig refers to the use of a sharp, rotating drill bit to cut or crush by applying downward pressure. It is a construction machine suitable for hole formation in building foundation engineering. Mainly suitable for the construction of soil layers such as sandy soil, cohesive soil, silty soil, etc., it is widely used in various foundation constructions such as cast-in-situ piles, continuous walls, and foundation reinforcement. In addition, we also have small water well-drilling rigs, trailer-mounted water well-drilling rigs, anchor drill machines, backpack core drill machines, DTH drilling rigs, gasoline rock drilling machines, diamond core drill machines, etc. Please contact us if you are interested in our machines. 【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Rotary Drilling Rig Parameters:

Product Type YG-120 YG-150
Chassis length. (mm) 4200 4800
Track width. (mm) 600 600
Machine weight. (t) 30 35
Maximum drilling depth. (m) 30 40
drilling diameter. (mm) 500-1800 500-1800
Engine brand Yuchai/Weichai/Cummins Weichai/Cummins
(Optional) (Optional)
Engine rated power. (KW/rpm) 151KW-176KW 158KW-176KW
Maximum torque of powerhead. (KN.m) 120 150
Powerhead speed. (rpm) 10-50 10-50
Maximum working pressure of hydraulic system main pump. (MPa) 30 30
Maximum working pressure of hydraulic system auxiliary pump. (MPa) 12 12
Maximum bow rate of the main pump hydraulic system. (L/min) 112*2(Optional) 112*2(Optional)
Maximum bow rate of the auxiliary pump hydraulic system. (L/min) 16 16
Maximum pressure of the pressurization system. (KN) 100 100
The maximum lifting force of the pressurization system. (KN) 80 80
Maximum travel pressure system. (mm) 3000 3000
The maximum lifting force of the main winch. (KN) 150 150
Maximum pull-up speed of the main winch. (m/min) 50 50
The maximum lifting force of the auxiliary winch. (KN) 15 15
Maximum pull-up speed of the auxiliary winch.(m/min) 50 50
Left and right inclination angle of drilling mast(°) ±5 ±5
The forward and backward inclination angle of the drilling mast. (°) 5/90 5/90
Maximum driving speed(KM/h) 1.5 1.5
Maximum climbing angle. (°) 25 25
Maximum Driving torque. (KN.m) 45000 45000
Overall width of working state. (mm) 4200 4200
The overall length of transport status. (mm) 13000 13000
Overall width of transport status. (mm) 2800 2800
Overall height of transport status. (mm) 3500 3550
Drill rod type Machine Lock Machine Lock
Drill rod whether to provide custom Yes Yes
Drill tools 500-2000mm drilling bit, drilling barrel, coring drill, reaming drilling bit 500-3000mm drilling bit, drilling barrel, coring drill, reaming drilling bit

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Rotary Blast Hole Drilling Machine
Rotary Blast Hole Drilling Machine

Application of Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Equipment
Application of Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Equipment

8 Features of Foundation Pile Rotary Drilling Machine:

  1. It is economical and efficient, mainly used in media and small-diameter pile civil construction;
  2. The diesel engine has load induction and output power auto-control; the fuel consumption drops 5-10%;
  3. 5-level anti-vibration technology absorbs drilling vibrational frequency all-directionally to guarantee high stability;
  4. The special lubricating system makes sure that it can work in a high-temperature environment.
  5. The removable and symmetrical structure design doubles the service life of the rotary drive key;
  6. Crowd cylinder has two operations modes-normal lifting and fast lifting to improve push efficiency;
  7. Optional chassis incline alarm enhances construction safety;
  8. Mast verticality auto-adjusting technology promises pile accuracy.

5 Advantages of Rotary Piling Rig:

  1. A lightweight modular design allows greater operational flexibility and makes the rigs easy to install and relocate.
  2. Drilling rigs are hydraulic self-propelled and also equipped with computer operating systems.
  3. According to strata drilling, bits are configured, working in clay soil requires a long drilling tube while a short drilling tube is suitable for strata containing sand and cobble.
  4. Better penetration rate and high operational efficiency are achieved by the use of drilling muds that control downhole pressure, stabilize the hole well, remove drill cuttings, and lubricate the drilling bit.
  5. The rotary drilling rig is considered eco-friendly because of smaller vibrations and less-operating noise.

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Rotary Piling Machine for Sale
Rotary Piling Machine for Sale

Foundation Pile Rotary Drilling Rig Usage
Foundation Pile Rotary Drilling Rig Usage

What Rock Formations Does Rotary Drilling Suit?

Rotary drilling rigs can be implemented in a variety of geological formations, due to their versatile and unique form of drilling. One thing to consider is the type of borehole that is being drilled. When drilling deeper boreholes, rotary drilling using air would be more suitable, whereas mud rotary is more appropriate for unconsolidated formations, such as sand and gravel. This is because mud rotary requires rapid rotation to drill into the open and fluid-based hole. An additive is added to the drilling fluid during the mud rotary process which coats the sides of the borehole to ensure it is supported mid-operation.

Rotary Drilling Machine Price – YG Machinery Manufacturer

The rotary drilling rig is very popular in recent years. It can be applied to many different types of projects, and the machine is constantly being updated. To facilitate customer operation and improve work efficiency. This device has been inquired about by countless customers. The good-looking appearance, reasonable price, and high-quality performance make it impossible not to favor it. Of course, we have other heavy drilling rigs, horizontal drilling rigs, crawler DTH drilling rigs, trailer-mounted water well drilling rigs, integrated drill and splitting machines, etc. Contact us now!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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