Backpack Core Drill

Backpack Core Drill
Backpack Core Drill

Backpack Diamond Core Drilling Rig
Backpack Diamond Core Drilling Rig

A backpack core drill is also known as a pocket core drilling machine, backpack core sampling machine, core drilling machine, or mountain special core drilling machine, Henan YG Machinery is the most independent backpack drilling rig core drilling machine factory in China. The backpack core drill rig is our specially designed backpack, which is made of sturdy material to meet the requirements of the harsh working environment in the field. In addition to the easy installation of a portable rig, the remaining space is available for other needs.

This portable backpack core drill rig is specially designed for mineral exploration, oilfield surveying, geological research, and prospectors. We have continuously improved through decades of experience and field use verification in dozens of countries and regions around the world. Improve product quality, I believe this tool will also be of great benefit to your work. It is mainly suitable for small portable sampling drilling equipment in mountainous areas, traffic, and energy inconvenient areas. Sampling with this core drill rig can replace traditional samplings such as manual excavation, trenching, and well testing. It not only speeds up the sampling process but also greatly reduces the damage to vegetation and protects the environment. It is an indispensable technical means in shallow geological exploration such as regional geological mapping, geophysical and geochemical sampling, paleomagnetic sampling, and geological disaster prevention.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Backpack Core Drill Rig
Backpack Core Drill Rig

Backpack Core Drilling Rig
Backpack Core Drilling Rig

Backpack Core Drill Parameter:

Model YG-20B YG-30B
Drilling diameter Φ46 -Φ75 Φ46 -Φ108
Drilling depth Within 20 meters of soilWithin 10 meters of rock Within 30 meters of soilWithin 20 meters of rock
Application Soil layer and various rock layers
Water consumption/Oil consumption 10L/H (Water)0.4-0.5L/H (Oil) 15L/H (Water)0.4-0.5L/H (Oil)
Drilling rod diameter/length Φ32mm/750mm
Core barrel 750mm(including the connector)
Drilling rod material/Weight 40r/1.5kg
Dimension 700*600*800mm 700*700*1500mm

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Backpack Core Drill Rig Application Field:

Geological and mineral exploration: trench exploration work, physical and chemical exploration sampling, regional geological mapping, mine vein exploration, and mine collection evaluation.

Engineering survey: power line survey, house foundation survey, traffic construction quality inspection ( road pavement, tunnel lining, inverted arch detection), water drainage tunnel drainage hole drilling, consolidation grouting, slope inspection preliminary investigation.

Backpack Core Drill 4 Features:

  1. Easy to carry. The entire set of the light portable belt.
  2. Complete accessories. Scientific design ordered parts.
  3. Flexible operation. Easy to install and use.
  4. Fast drilling. Save time and effort, quick core work.
  5. A wide range of applications. A variety of complex terrain of the core work.
  6. Efficient and durable. Special diamond drill bit, fast drilling, long service life.

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YG Backpack Core Drill
YG Backpack Core Drill

Application of Backpack Core Drill
Application of Backpack Core Drill

Backpack Core Drill Rig Use Maintenance Rules

Punching Operation Procedure and Method for Unloading the Drill Pipe:

When opening the hole, start the motor first, and then operate the rig handle to make it push downward. After the rock drilling work begins, the high-pressure water pump is operated to fill the drill pipe. When the first drill pipe is finished, stop the motor, disengage the joint from the drill pipe, and then connect the second drill pipe.

Unloading method: the rig’s unloading rod is semi-mechanized, which is realized by the cooperation of artificial and drilling rigs. When unloading the rod, we must pay attention to taking the drill rod and not letting the drill rod fall into the hole.

Precautions During Operation:

  1. Always check the connection and usage of the high-pressure water pump, motor, and various parts.
  2. Give more water when drilling to reduce dust.
  3. Pay special attention to cleaning the hole when adding the drill pipe to avoid the accident of stopping the drill.
  4. Before starting the engine, you must add enough oil. The oil should be filled with four-stroke engine oil. The gasoline should use clean, unleaded gasoline with an octane number of not less than 85. Avoid friction and heat, which eventually, burn out the machine.

Machine Maintenance and Lubrication:

  1. At the end of each work class, the dirt on the mechanical surface must be removed.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble on the working surface to avoid losing parts and key parts of damaged parts.
  3. Drill pipe joints are lubricated with butter.

Note: if only the soil is taken, the water pump can be used. The water pump is used to take the rock core. Please connect the water pump and the rig when the core is taken. The water pump is a gasoline engine water pump. Before the first use, you should add enough oil and gasoline separately. Before using it, you must check the engine oil before use to prevent the engine from burning out. Wipe the machine clean.

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