Handheld Nano Spray Disinfection Gun

Handheld Nano Spray Disinfection Gun
Handheld Nano Spray Disinfection Gun

Nano Handheld Steam Spray Gun
Nano Handheld Steam Spray Gun

Portable Handheld Sprayer
Portable Handheld Sprayer

YG’s portable nano household sterilization gun can be atomized and sterilized, which is a great tool for anti-virus sterilization. Equipped with a metal spray head, using PA high-temperature resistant material, the fog is fast and the amount of fog is large. It also has a large number of heat dissipation holes, while releasing a large amount of nano blue sky spray, the intelligent heat dissipation of the body protects the machine. The handheld nano spray disinfection gun includes a wireless battery disinfection spray gun and a plug-in battery disinfection spray gun. Which one do you prefer? Please contact us now for more information. 【Whatsapp/Wechat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Handheld Disinfectant Spray Gun
Handheld Disinfectant Spray Gun
Product Name Home and car use nano disinfection spray gun
Product size 22*21CM
Product weight 900g
Rated voltage 110-240V/50Hz
Rated power 10w
Battery capacity Mach 2600
Power supply voltage DC12V
Charging time 2 hours
Use time 3 hours
Water bottle capacity 800ml
Net weight 9.3kg
Gross weight 10kg
Quantity 10
Carton size 59.5*44.5*27.5CM

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Nano Spray Sterilization Gun
Nano Spray Sterilization Gun
Product Name Spray Gun Wireless for Disinfection
Color OEM
Voltage/Frequency 230-240V, 50HZ
Rated Power 400watt
Container Volume 1000ml
Max Viscosity 40din/sec
No-load Motor Speed 32000rpm
Cable Length 150cm
Occasion Home, decorate, etc.
Net Weight 2.5kg/piece
Size 280*300*140mm
Q’ty per carton 4pcs/carton
Carton Size 380*270*330/carton
Gross Weight 10kg/carton

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Portable Electrostatic Mist Sprayer
Portable Electrostatic Mist Sprayer
Product name Portable electrostatic mist sprayer
Water tank capacity 1800ml
Battery capacity 2200mAh
Charging time 3H
Power supply 20V DC
Working current 6A
Electrostatic ion 500W/cm³
Static ion coverage distance 5M
Atomization amount 70ML/min
Spray distance 3M
Weight 0.95kg
Working noise 90dB
Product size 350*150*80mm
Container size 114*200mm

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Details of YG Blue Ray Disinfection Nano Spray Gun
Details of YG Blue Ray Disinfection Nano Spray Gun

Nano Spray Gun Principle:

Based on the principle of superheated steam, produced by 3.3 atmospheric pressure, the sprayer has a strong ability to pressurize the liquid water into a superheated gaseous molecule (140 degrees, 0.26nm in diameter). It achieves a good effect on hairdressing for hot-oiling, curls, dye, and haircut, by penetrating hair follicles, it`s also helpful to sterilize air with 84 disinfectant.

Advantage of YG Handheld Nano Spray Disinfection Gun:

  1. This device adopts dynamic nano hydrating water system pressures, transforming water into a molecule.
  2. Ergonomic handle design: provide a comfortable feeling.
  3. Suitable for hair coloring, hair care, and moisturizing face.
  4. You can add your favorite essential oils to get several good effects.
  5. Disinfection and sterilization: remove odors, they can be used in places that need to be disinfected and cleaned, at 15 minutes fresh and effective, immediately.

Nano Spray Gun Features:

  1. Intelligent temperature control——2 real-time temperature controllers.
  2. Lightweight ——PC material, comfortable to carry.
  3. Strong water pump——helpful to release waste.
  4. Safe——circuit board wrapped with PC material.
  5. Individual handle design——reduce arm pressure.

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China Nano Steamer Fogger Gun
China Nano Steamer Fogger Gun

Application of Disinfection Nano Spray Gun
Application of Disinfection Nano Spray Gun

Using Method(Disinfectant Spraying):

  1. Wear gloves before disinfecting;
  2. Dilute the disinfect with water in a ratio of 1:20;
  3. Fill the capacity with diluted disinfectant;
  4. Switch on and wait for spraying;5. Adjust the spray regulator and spray.

More Functions:

  1. Diluted disinfectant spraying.
  2. Hair moisturizing & caring.
  3. Skin moisturizing and penetrating.

Handheld Nano Spray Disinfection Gun Price – YG Machinery Manufacturer

First of all, it needs to be explained that all equipment sold by YG Machinery is directly produced and sold by YG Machinery, which can support OEM customization. At present, due to the development of the world epidemic, disinfection products have been very popular. Because YG is a direct manufacturer, our price is very advantageous. It is also a very good choice for customers to sell in their own country. It has been sold to the United States, Spain, Britain, Greece, Peru, Russia, Singapore, Canada, the Philippines, etc. Customers also give us very good feedback. At present, disinfection equipment is also an essential product for the resumption of work, and daily household disinfection also requires extensive use. We also have disinfection equipment such as electrostatic knapsack sprayers and disinfection doors which are also very popular. You can choose the equipment that suits you, please contact us now.【Whatsapp/Wechat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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